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The Best Florida Kayak Safaris:
1 - Plantation Island, Florida - Kayak Safaris at Gardens Oasis

Very Good - www.gardens-oasis.com/plantation-island.html

2 - Venice, Florida - kayak Safari at Gardens Oasis
  Very Good -  www.gardens-oasis.com/venice.html

3 - Kayak Safari at Punta Gorda, Florida
Very Good -   http://www.gardens-oasis.com/punta-gorda.html

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Safaris from Florida:

Florida to Hawaii with Guide
Florida to Africa - African Safari

Florida to Ecuador - South America!
We fly every month!

Travel with us to Ecuador with your guide - Florida - Ecuador - Florida, See Ecuador in 7-14 Days.
$500.00 guide fee each, 6 people minimum.
You leave Florida with your guide.
You Choose to see what you want to see - pick your attraction - Contact us with your choices to see in Ecuador - we will shop the best price for you plus you always leave with your personal guide from Florida and back in group of 6 - 12 people.
Booking for next month: :
1 - Backpacking Guide, 2 - Travel Chanel,- 3 - Tourtopia, 4 - Velvet Escape, 5 - Trip Advisor, 6 - World Travel Guide, 7 - Trip Me

6 people's Guide fee for Trip to Ecuador : $3000.00
Additional Person Guide Fee for trip to Ecuador: $500.00
Florida to Florida - Trip Around the World

We circumnavigate around Earth to come back to Florida.
This is for traveler who wants to be one day younger and live the adventure of a lifetime.
Guide Fee: $950.00 per person. 10 persons minimum. 10 - 20 people group.
Book your space:
10 people's Guide fee for Trip around the world - Florida to Florida : $9500.00
Additional Person Guide Fee for trip Trip around the world - Florida to Florida: $950.00

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